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INVITATION: Do not trust the project personnel--ask a lot of questions, watch us, follow along with us in the process.

The team wants to bring stakeholders to the planning tables. It is not here with an agenda. The team's goal is to do good science and convey the results to public.

CDC is asking what the public desires in the way of a citizens advisory committee. If a committee is formed, there are requirements to strive for balance of representation with regard to geography, ethnicity, gender, etc. What do you (the public) want in the form of committee representation? Any form of representation can be established, from no committee to a formal FACA Charter. Project personnel will meet with various organizations and Native American governments.

The study is just getting started. It is important that groups contribute information; the public is an integral part of study.

Public Question: Will we have more opportunities to provide input? Is funding only for three years?

Paul Renard: This is the first stage. We may go further. Phase 1 will look at all documents and place the results in a database of relevant documents.

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