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March 8, 2000 Meeting
Paul Renard

The project is the result of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that carved out positions and dollars to examine Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) records. Other sites that were investigated include Savannah River, Fernald, and Hanford. These studies are examples of environmental dose reconstruction studies. The LANL study is a first step that may or may not lead to a dose reconstruction.

During the LANL study, which has been on-going for about a year, the LAHDRA team will examine all records and determine which are pertinent to a dose reconstruction. The deliverable will be a database of releases and supporting documentation.

We are asking the public NOT to trust us. Get involved; push us; ask us about things that do not seem right.

Some of the hurdles we have faced have become success stories in some cases. We have obtained all necessary badges and access privileges. We are getting sufficient number of reviewers. The successes are a result of collaboration between Department of Energy (DOE) headquarters, DOE-LANL Operations, DOE-Albuquerque, and the University of California. The collaboration was made possible through conference calls held about every two weeks.

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