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Sixth Public Meeting
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(These statements are NOT direct quotes. All statements are paraphrased. "Team" refers to either one or more members of the project team who responded to a questions or comment. )

Public: Is your program going to cover the time before the Trinity drops?

Response: The team will look at all records for this area where weapons were developed and tested. Records concerning radiation fallout are relevant to the study.

Public: We have heard of records that have been moved or destroyed. Stories that are not supposed to be repeated-like dumping in canyons

Response (Tom Widner): Interviews are helping. However, we will never be able to gather all the information to complete the whole picture. We start with documents and use interviews to fill gaps.

Public: Will fall-out records for the two Japanese sites be part of the study or is it just limited to Los Alamos? The other sites will be a whole different approach because it is detonation not production.

Response (Paul Renard): We are collecting information regarding Trinity. We already have reviewed information about other sites, and quite a bit about Trinity. That information is not falling through the cracks. We are pulling in and logging information.

Public: I am a down-winder. I need to know that information.

Response (Tom Widner): We are definitely finding relevant information.


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