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Paul Renard's presentation
Paul Renard introduces key topics.
Joe Shonka and Phil Green
Following the meeting, project team member Joe Shonka discusses ongoing information gathering activities with Phil Green of the CDC.


Paul Renard introduced staff from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • Phil Green
  • Bob Whitcomb
  • Natasha Friday
  • Marie Spano

Many months ago, during one of the first meetings, which was held in Espa?ola, I made a statement that if we get to the point where access is denied, I would let you know. That is now happening. There are a number of records we were denied access to. For some of these records, it has already been determined that CDC will be allowed to view the records and determine if they are relevant or not. In all cases, CDC needs to be part of verification process.

We will learn more from Tom Widner about records that fall within six categories, which have been determined are not relevant to our study. Basically, CDC will not see all documents. However, the CDC is still optimistic that the team will see all documents relevant to chemical and radionuclide releases.

An appeal process is in place for when the CDC is denied access. During the appeal, the Department of Energy (DOE) in Albuquerque will review the documents and make a determination if they do indeed contain information that must be withheld. The process is being tested. The CDC has been denied access to several boxes. We don't know how the process will go.

As of October 1, 2001, Paul Renard has been selected for a new position at CDC. This was his last public meeting concerning radiation studies, but he will continue to participate. Phil Green will likely be named the next Project Officer. Currently Bob Whitcomb is the Acting Project Officer. Renard has been working to combat the anthrax threats.

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