Los Alamos Historic Document Retrieval & Assesment

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Debby Shonka

Administrative Coordinator

Debby Shonka serves as Administrative Coordinator for the Los Alamos Historical Document Retrieval and Assessment Project. She assists with planning and day-to-day operations, including management of the project mailing list and toll-free telephone line, database entry, and document control. Debby is responsible for development and implementation of the Project's quality control and quality assurance programs.

  • B.A., Sociology, University of South Carolina, Magna Cum Laude, 1973

Debby Shonka has successfully managed specific information management related tasks for two dose reconstruction studies, including the systematic document search for the Oak Ridge Health Studies Dose Reconstruction Project, and the database and document retrieval task for Phase I of the Environmental Dose Reconstruction at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. The tasks for the Oak Ridge Dose Reconstruction Project included tracking the retrieval and review of documents at over 40 repositories in Oak Ridge and around the State of Tennessee, keeping team members on schedule, and reviewing and editing the final reports for each repository. Debby was responsible for development and implementation of 17 procedures, internal Quality Assurance of data and software, and integration of contributions from three organizations for the Environmental Dose Reconstruction at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. She is a specialist in information management with publications in transportation and energy conservation as well as her activities in dose reconstruction.

Contact Information
bullet Company:Shonka Research Associates, Inc.
bullet Phone: 770-509-7506
bullet E-mail:dbshonka@shonka.com

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