Los Alamos Historic Document Retrieval & Assesment

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Susan Flack

Public Involvement Coordinator

Susan Flack is the Public Involvement Coordinator for the Los Alamos Historical Document Retrieval and Assessment Project. She coordinates the activities of the project team to support public involvement activities. This includes coordination and oversight of Cheryl Allen and consultants T.L. Herzlich and N.W. Tafoya. Susan is also a Q-cleared document analyst for the project, specializing in the area of chemical dose reconstruction.

  • National Registry in Clinical Chemistry, 1984
  • M.S., Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology, Cleveland State University, 1984
  • B.A., Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University, 1981

Susan Flack's work at ChemRisk involves the application of risk assessment techniques to create unique solutions to problems related to estimation of human health effects, selection of economic and health protective remediation strategies, and determination of health-based clean-up levels. She has ten years of direct experience in conducting human health risk assessments, and 20 years of related experience in basic sciences research and industry. Susan specializes in the assessment of human health risk from exposure to radionuclides and heavy metals, and in historical dose reconstruction. Her work has been reviewed by internationally recognized experts in the fields of radiological dose assessment, transport modeling, uncertainty analysis and toxicology, who serve on the advisory panels providing technical oversight for dose reconstruction studies. She has also worked directly with regulatory agencies and concerned citizens groups in surrounding communities. Regulatory agencies and citizens groups she has worked with include the Colorado and Tennessee State Health Departments, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, California EPA, EPA Region 8, Site-Specific Citizen Advisory Boards in Colorado, Idaho, Tennessee and New Mexico, The Rocky Flats Local Impacts Initiative, and the Consortium for Environmental Risk Evaluation.

Contact Information
bullet Company: ChemRisk
bullet Phone: 303-818-5118
bullet E-mail: sflack@qwest.net

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