Los Alamos Historic Document Retrieval & Assesment

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Ivan White

Document Analyst

Ivan White is a document analyst for the Los Alamos Historical Document Retrieval and Assessment Project.

  • Ph.D., coursework in Radiological Health, Industrial Hygiene- Harvard University;
  • Air Pollution Meteorology- Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1969
  • M.S., Environmental Health Sciences, University of California at Berkeley, 1966
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California, 1964

Ivan White has 25 years of experience as an environmental consultant evaluating risk to the public from the environmental transport and exposure to pollutants related to the siting of nuclear facilities and nuclear waste disposal. He has also conducted document reviews for dose reconstruction studies, including Phase I of the Savannah River Plant Dose Reconstruction Project and the Oak Ridge Health Studies Dose Reconstruction Project. Ivan has been a part-time Staff Scientist for the National Council on Radiation Protection. In his capacity he served on a NCRP Panel on Dose Reconstruction. Ivan was a Senior Health Physicist at Gulf General Atomic prior to becoming an independent consultant.

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